Training and Development

We at Vantegral Consulting understand that the most important community and organisational assets are the people and as such, we assist our clients in building and retaining the talent and management systems that deliver impactful and lasting results.


The integrated and versatile nature of our training faculties enable us to identify gaps and we partner with a network of experts, innovators and influencers to evaluate the training, development initiatives and interventions required.


Our training packages are delivered in the most practical and flexible plan. We facilitate executive management courses, technical courses, field trips, and study tours delivered in international locations, and in collaboration with reputable, internationally recognised certification and accreditation agencies.


Our training and development also covers leadership and performance management. We develop leaders with analytic and globally aware critical thinking skills, strong management competencies and mastery of organisational complexity as well as the ability to create the appropriate culture and environment for adaptive, engaged and inspired performance.

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